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30% increase in productivity and a model for rollouts in other plants Download Fallstudie
A lean transformation can move quickly even during a pandemic. Fast Plan-do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles accelerate lean adoption and productivity gains in a massive window manufacturing complex in Poland.

Lean practices improve productivity by more than 30% in just 3 months

The eight plants in Dovista Polska's Window Village export custom-made windows and doors to homes and commercial buildings in the UK, Germany, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Those responsible for the Dovista Window Village site decided to launch the improvement initiative in the T4 factory, as productivity shrank at 60% of the technical standard.

Following management's two-week approval of the improvement plan, TBM's European team began working with the T4 production teams in late February 2020. This came just weeks before most European countries prescribed economic blockades to combat COVID-19 outbreaks. Although the gates were closed to non-essential contractors, company leaders granted TBM a special permit to enter as this project was a strategic business priority.

Herausforderung: Trotz moderner Einrichtungen und modernster Ausstattung mussten die Standorte die Effizienz drastisch verbessern.

The production lines in Dovista's modern, well-lit facilities are highly flexible and designed to produce many windows and doors of different sizes, all made to order.

We identified opportunities for improvement during diagnosis, including planning inefficiencies, time they spent moving around work-in-process trollies to find the right parts, and a host of other issues that hinder workflow and undermine productivity. Some workers were overloaded and hurried to get their work done, while others were standing around and waiting.

Lösung: Wir empfehlten eine Reihe von Lean Methoden, die den Workflow verbessern und unmittelbare Auswirkungen auf die Produktivität haben würden, einschließlich Standardarbeit, Einhaltung der Taktzeit, ausgewogene Arbeitszellen, visuelles Management, überarbeitete Materialnachschubprozesse und Führende Standardarbeit.

Our original priorities included:

  • Change the machine shop layout to support an effective pull system
  • Balancing of the operator load on flow legs to cycle time
  • Better production planning to merge all parts at once
  • Implementation of 5S and other visual management practices
  • Rationalization of material replenishment processes
  • Establishment of standard work for all key operations
  • Introduction of Leader standard work to improve management discipline and maintain progress

Ergebnisse: Prozessänderungen und eine Produktivitätssteigerung von 28 % in der Lackiererei wirkten sich unmittelbar auf nachgelagerte Prozesse aus. Die ersten beiden Fabriken erreichten 30 % Produktivitätssteigerungen, was zu einem standortweiten Gewinn von 15 % in diesem Jahr beitrug.

TBM's engagement with Dovista began in January 2020, gained momentum during the European lockdowns and continues to expand.

The approach and progress in T4 served as a model for rollouts at other facilities in the Window Village. Adherence to rolling cycle time on the T4 painting line reduced cycle times by 18% and improved the daily productivity of windows and doors by 12% per day.

Further results at ground level are:

  • 20% reduction of non-value-added activity in assembly, exemption of capacity to meet increased customer demand
  • 15% increase in productivity in woodworking
  • Increased direct packaging of orders at the end of the line (20% to 70%)
  • 30% increase in productivity in the first three plants and a site-wide improvement of 15%

Download the CASE STUDY PDF to read the full story.

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